Benefits of Root Canals

benefits of root canals

When people hear the term root canal, many of them freeze up. They have heard all the horror stories from people who have gotten root canals in the past, and they are willing to do just about anything to avoid having it happen to them. Of course, even though root canals are not a day at the beach, there is quite a bit of exaggeration about how “horrible” they are. In fact, there are many benefits of root canals. With the modern technologies and treatments available today, you should not notice much of a difference between getting a filling and getting a root canal.

Now, it is time to look closer at the benefits of root canals.

Save the Natural Tooth

Rather than having an extraction and then getting a bridge or a dental implant, one of the benefits of the root canals is that it can save the natural tooth. This is always the best option for your mouth, if it is possible. Your root canal specialist can help you decide whether this procedure, or another, is a better choice for you.

Better and More Efficient Chewing

If you have a tooth in need of a root canal, you probably know that you aren’t chewing properly in that area of your mouth. The root canal can provide you with restored function so you can chew your food more easily. It will allow you to bite with the same amount of force that you once did, and it can improve the overall sensation when chewing.

This also means the other teeth in your mouth are not doing extra work to make up for the sore area. You will not have to worry about strain or excessive wear on your other teeth.

Looks Natural

Having a root canal does not change the look of your mouth. It looks natural, and it is a good solution for many. These are some of the biggest and most important benefits of root canals.

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