Dental Implants FAQs

dental implants faqsYou do not like that you are missing some of your teeth. It can make it difficult to chew some of the foods you love, and you probably do not like to smile either. Not having all your teeth can be embarrassing. Fortunately, with the restorative dentistry options available today at Chesterfield Family Dentistry, it is possible for patients to get the smile they deserve. One of the options available is to have dental implants put into the mouth. Most people have quite a few questions about the implants, so take the time to check out the following dental implants FAQs.

Dental Implants FAQ #1 – How Long Does It Take?

Many people want to know exactly how long it will take to add the implant or implants to the jaw. This depends on the location and the number for the most part. Most of the time though, the overall process will take less than an hour. You can speak with your dental implant specialist about this to get a better estimate for your procedure.

Dental Implants FAQ #2 – Does the Implant Process Hurt?

Of course, this is one of the areas that interests everyone who will be getting implants. During the process, patients are generally under a local anesthetic, which means that they do not feel anything. After the anesthetic wears off, they might feel some pain. However, it is easy to remedy this with some over the counter pain medications.

Dental Implants FAQ #3 – Will the Implant Be Successful

Dental implants have a high rate of success for those who are good candidates. There is a rare risk of rejection, but most of the time it works well. If it doesn’t work the first time, the dentist can remove it and then try again once the site heals.

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