Misconceptions About Denturesmisconceptions about dentures

When you think about the dentures procedure, what is the first thing that pops into your head? Do you think of older patients who need to remove their teeth at night and place them in a jar by their bed? There are plenty of misconceptions about dentures that may prevent people from pursuing a much-needed procedure. Our Springfield dentists list the common misconceptions about dentures that can be addressed to help you better understand this common practice in restorative dentistry.

Dentures are for Older Patients

One of the biggest misconceptions about dentures is that they are only for geriatric smiles. In reality, dentures are simply a tooth implant procedure that offers a solution to damaged and broken teeth. Our dentures specialist can assure you about the technological advancements made to dentures. People of all ages can benefit from this procedure as it adds functionality to the mouth and provides an opportunity to give the mouth a more natural feel.

Dentures Can Fall Out

Dentures, when applied correctly, offer a lot of stability in the mouth. Both full and partial dentures can be held on using dental adhesive, which can be purchased at a drugstore or ordered through the office. There are also technologically advanced implant dentures, which offer support as they are surgically screwed into your jaw.

Dentures Won’t Look Natural

People often fear that dentures look too fake, aren’t sized right, or provide too many problems in the mouth. A good dentures specialist can custom fit your dentures to fit comfortably in the mouth, offering a natural look that doesn’t give away the fact that you are wearing dentures.

A lot have patients have reported that they feel younger and more mobile with their new dentures. New dentures can provide the perfect space and fit for your teeth, providing new ways for you to chew and smile.

Dentures are Expensive

Perhaps one of the biggest myths that keep patients from investing in dentures is the idea that they are an expensive procedure. In reality, they can be very budget-friendly. A dentures specialist can work with you to create a custom mold and provide the best full-dentures or partial-dentures options that works best for you. Other types of dental implants are typically costlier than dentures.

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