dental implants factsDental Implants Facts

At Chesterfield Family Dental in Springfield, MO, we encourage all patients to consider the many benefits that come from the use of implant dentistry. While the receipt of a dental implant means you have restored the tooth, it also means a great deal more. Take a look at these simple dental implants facts to discover just how and why this is such an amazing form of restorative dentistry.

Why Implants?

As your preferred dentist in Springfield, we are going to suggest an implant when an adult tooth is lost because the implant actually prevents a long list of issues from occurring. For example, one of the lesser known dental implants facts is that the post and the crown installed on top will both work to preserve your bite. However, that post implanted into the gum and jaw will also help to maintain the long term health of the jaw.

When a tooth is lost, the body knows this and will allow some of the bone to be reabsorbed from the jaw near the lost tooth. Lose more than one tooth and things become very problematic. After all, the remaining teeth can now move freely and this can change the bite. This can cause uneven wear and even conditions like bruxism and TMJ.

So, getting dental implants from our implant dentist is a great way to prevent problems and preserve oral health.

Doesn’t It Hurt?

Another of the more important dental implants facts is that it is a treatment that does not cause any greater discomfort than something like a root canal or an extraction. There is tenderness and swelling and some healing time required, but within three to six months of the initial treatment, the new tooth will have fully bonded and can then be capped with a permanent crown.

The treatment itself is quite straightforward and has a success rate of around 95 to 98 percent.

The Uses of Implants

In these dental implants facts we have discussed dental implants as the right way to replace a single lost tooth. However, implant dentistry is part of restorative dentistry and you may find that you can consult your implant dentist about implant supported bridges, dentures and more.

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