Nobody likes the idea of wearing metal braces. Of course, nobody wants to live with crooked teeth either. So, what can you do? There actually is an alternative to traditional metal braces – Invisalign invisible aligners. They’re different in appearance from metal braces in that, unless someone is up close and personal with your mouth, they probably won’t even know that you’re wearing braces. Invisalign aligners are barely detectible.

The Benefits

Metal braces certainly do a good job of straightening crooked teeth and correcting misaligned bites, but usually they have to be worn for a long time and adjustments can be uncomfortable. Also, you have to keep coming back to have the braces adjusted. Of course, there is also the issue of appearance – simply stated, metal braces don’t look good. With Invisalign®, your braces are practically undetectable and you don’t have to keep coming back for adjustments. You get all your aligners at the same time and you simply change them at home on a regular schedule. There are no painful adjustments. You spend a lot less time in Dr. Buzbee’s chair because you only have to come in a few times over the course of your treatment, just to make sure everything is going the way it should.

Another benefit to Invisalign® is that you can take your aligners off. Metal braces are in place over the full course of the treatment and that means that food and other contaminants can be trapped in, under and around your braces. With Invisalign®, you can take them off to eat and to clean your teeth and then put them back on. You’ll be able to enjoy foods that could be problematic with traditional metal braces and you can even chew gum if you like!

The Procedure

Before fitting your Invisalign® clear braces, Dr. Buzbee will take invisalignimpressions of your teeth. Then he will use special software to help make your aligners. In most cases, several aligners will be created. The first does nothing more than fit over your teeth the way they are. The final set represents the way your teeth are supposed to be and all the aligners between the first and last set are the ones that deliver correction. You might use as many as 30 aligners over the course of treatment. Find out if you are a candidate today!

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