Benefits of Teeth Whitening benefits of teeth whitening

Cosmetic dentistry includes a long list of treatments and remedies to many different dental issues. The important thing about it is that it all begins with optimal oral health. At Chesterfield Family & Cosmetic Dental Center in Springfield, MO we see this as a major benefit of cosmetic treatments – that you get your teeth and gums into great shape first! At the end of your cosmetic treatments, you can also enjoy the amazing benefits of teeth whitening too.

Tooth Whitening as a Finishing Touch

As your cosmetic dentist, we are going to evaluate your oral health and recommend the general, restorative and cosmetic treatments we see as the most appropriate and essential. When we reach the end of the treatments, we will consider any last touches to all of your work, and often, it is teeth whitening that is chosen.

While this is to ensure your smile looks as healthy as it is, there are far more benefits of teeth whitening than the esthetics.

As your dentist in Springfield, we will know what sort of goals you have for your smile, and quite often, we will hear our patients tell us that they are hiding their smile because it is discolored or yellowed with age. This may even be the main reason someone pays a visit, because they want to enjoy the benefits of teeth whitening. As we already explained, though, we ensure that the teeth and gums are as healthy as possible first.

However, we never forget why you want cosmetic treatments, and will use whitening to brighten the smile by several shades or more. This is not only to make it more attractive, but to also restore your self-confidence too. After all, it is a sad truth that someone who feels sensitive about their smile might hide it, and over time this becomes a habit. Soon, they may not smile at all, and they may not socialize as they should.

This makes one of the most important benefits of teeth whitening the emotional benefit that comes from removing any impediments to smiling or socializing comfortably and confidently. In fact, many patients say that they feel and act differently just because of a tooth whitening treatment.

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