Teeth Whitening

teeth whiteningDo you have dull and dingy teeth that prevent you from smiling as much as you’d like? Do you try not to move your lips when you’re talking? Often, people who have yellowed or otherwise discolored teeth try to hide them and try to avoid smiling and that’s a shame. Everyone should be able to smile. If your smile is embarrassing to you, you should know that there are treatments that can brighten up your teeth, remove stains and even whiten your teeth by several shades.


Professional Whitening Treatments

You have probably seen tooth whitening treatments advertised on television, or looked at them in the drug store. You might even have seen them in dollar stores and thought, “Well, why not give it a try? After all, I’m only going to be out a dollar if it doesn’t work.” The thing is, not only will they not work properly, you could actually damage your teeth because the mix of peroxide may not be safe to use. Professional treatments from your dentist can whiten your teeth, and they are safe.

KoR Deep Bleaching

teeth whiteningDr. Roger Buzbee at Chesterfield Family & Cosmetic Dental Center in Springfield, MO recommends the KoR method of deep bleaching. This method uses a bleaching gel that is very powerful, and penetrates into your teeth to destroy deep stains and improve the oxygen-absorbing capability of your teeth. With this method, even older teeth can be brightened and whitened to their original condition. Of course there are other methods that will also deliver lasting results, but the KoR method is the most effective and when followed up with treatments at home, it can actually be permanent.

Another advantage to the KoR system is that it is customized with you in mind. Most bleaching methods offer a number of trays that hold the bleaching gel and the dentist chooses the one that best fits your teeth. With the KoR method, Dr. Buzbee actually takes impressions of your teeth so the trays are custom-fitted. Then, the bleach is sealed in the tray – nothing leaks. You just get total bleaching, without any gum irritation or leakage.

Your KoR whitening treatments begin in the office, and then you will be given trays to take home. You can wear them while you sleep, or on your days off. Then, you will come back for a final treatment. Your in-office treatments will take about an hour to an hour and a half.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

teeth whiteningZoom! teeth whitening also makes use of gel-filled trays. There is no custom fitting, but it should not be difficult to find trays that suit you. The trays are filled with whitening gel, and then you will relax in the chair while the gel works. Once the in-office treatment is completed, you will receive trays to take home so that your whitening treatment can be continued. You will need to come back to see Dr. Buzbee for additional treatments and as long as you continue the whitening program, you can be assured of a pleasing smile.

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