Am I a Candidate for Dentures?

candidate for denturesAre you missing teeth? One or two in the back might not be a big deal, but if you are missing teeth to the point where you are having trouble biting and chewing, then it might be time to consider doing something about the problem. You could be a candidate for dentures.

Are Dentures the Best Choice?

So, now that you are thinking about dentures, you might be asking yourself, are they really the best choice, and if so, what type of dentures should I consider?

This depends on a variety of conditions. If you are asking “Am I a candidate for dentures?” then we will assume that you have ruled out dental implants. This is either because of the cost or because you simply do not like the idea of having a permanent prosthesis installed in your mouth. Now what you have to do is consider the different types of dentures that are available to you.

Types of Dentures

As a potential candidate for dentures, you will need to consider how many teeth you are missing. If it is just a few, partial dentures could be the right solution. Obviously, if all of your teeth are missing, you will need full dentures.

The type of dentures that you will choose will depend to a great extent on the overall health of your teeth. Sometimes, people simply end up fishing out of the bad end of the gene pool – these are the people who come to us at Chesterfield Family Dental in Springfield, saying “I inherited my mother’s teeth – she lost all of them while she was in her 30s.” There’s not much that can be done in cases like that, except to extract the remaining, unhealthy teeth, and fit the patient for full dentures.

On the other hand, if it does not look as though you will lose more teeth any time soon, you could consider a partial denture. So, if you are asking yourself,
“Am I a candidate for dentures,” make sure to also ask yourself what kind of dentures you think you might need.

Dental Implants

Of course the better course of action is dental implants, if you can afford them and do not have a problem with permanent prosthesis. Dental implants work and look just like your own teeth. Of course not everyone can afford implants, and some people simply do not like them.  If that sounds like you, then you are probably a better candidate for dentures.

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