Dental Implants Aftercaredental implants aftercare

Getting dental implants is one of the most popular types of restorative dentistry available today. The implants are a good option for those who have missing teeth and who want a permanent solution to fix the problem. If you are getting these implants though, you need to make sure you understand the proper dental implants aftercare so you can take care of them properly and have the best possible experience. The following are some tips you will want to follow. In addition, be sure to ask your dental implants specialists any questions you might have regarding your implants.

After the Procedure

When you come out of the procedure, you need to be careful about what you are eating and drinking for the first day. Only have cold drinks, and make sure you do not eat anything until the anesthetic has worn off. Do not eat or drink anything hot on the first day after you get the dental implant. Even though it will be tempting because you have the feeling of something “new” in the mouth, do not probe the implant with your finger or your tongue.

Be aware that you will likely have swelling for a couple of days. It should go away on its own, but you can also hold ice packs wrapped in a towel on your cheek for 10 minutes. Take a 20-minute break and then do it again. After the first day, you will find that applying warmth to the area is the best option. The swelling should go away, and pain should subside relatively quickly. You can take your regular pain killers until it does. However, if the pain and swelling persist, be sure to come back to the dentist.

Restore Your Smile with Implant Dentistry

You need to follow proper oral hygiene, as well. Follow the instructions provided by the dentist immediately after your implant, and then continue to brush and floss. To learn more, call our dentists in Springfield at Chesterfield Family Dental at 417-888-0771 or visit our contact page.