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Root canal has the worst reputation of any dental treatment, and that is really unfortunate because it is undeserved. The fact is, root canals are no more painful than any other dental procedure, since they are done using a local anesthetic. You will likely experience no more discomfort than you would if you were having an ordinary filling.

Root Canal Eases Pain

Your dentist in Springfield will recommend a root canal treatment in order to remove damaged nerve tissue due to advanced tooth decay. When tooth decay is left untreated, the outer layer of your tooth begins to deteriorate. Then, the decay progresses further into your tooth, causing the pulp to become infected. The pulp is where the tooth’s nerves are located, so when it becomes infected, the nerves send pain signals to the brain, and you end up with a toothache. This is the stage where the pain occurs – before the root canal treatment, not during.


Sometimes, if the root of the tooth is oddly shaped, treatment can be more difficult. It should not, however, be more painful. The main complication is that it can take longer to clean out the root. Some teeth also have more than one root, again making for a longer procedure.

Dr. Roger Buzbee has been doing root canals and other endodontics treatments for years, and makes use of digital x-rays in order to identify the problem areas and find the best, least invasive means of removing the infection.

The Finishing Touch

Once your root canal treatment is completed, Dr. Buzbee will place a dental crown on top of the root to protect it from further damage. When you leave Chesterfield Family Dental, you can be confident in knowing that your pain will go away, your ability to bite and chew effectively will be restored, and your root canal tooth will look no different than those surrounding it.

Contact Our Dentist in Springfield for Root Canal Therapy

You do not need to suffer dental pain from an infected tooth, and with root canal as an option, most of the time you will not need to have the tooth extracted. If you have neglected your oral health to the point where you are suffering from toothache pain, we can help at Chesterfield Family Dental in Springfield, MO. Contact us at 417-888-0771 to book an appointment with Dr. Roger Buzbee.

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