Invisalign AftercareInvisalign aftercare

Many people have chosen to utilize clear braces to get the straight smile they desire. People of all ages are using Invisalign, and it has become one of the most successful and most popular types of cosmetic dentistry today. While it is a very popular option, you still need to make sure you understand how to clean and use these aligners for the best results. You need to take proper care of them, and your teeth, if you want them to work. The following are some simple Invisalign aftercare tips you can use as soon as you get your aligners.

Tips for Invisalign Aftercare

One of the nice things about these clear braces is that you can take them off, unlike traditional braces. That does not mean you should be taking them off all the time. You will still want to wear the braces for about 22 hours per day. The only time you should take them off is when you are eating and drinking, or when you are cleaning them. The only thing you should have while wearing them is water. Other items could stain them and could cause bacteria to grow. This could cause a bad odor.

You also need to make sure you clean your aligners regularly and properly. You do not want to use toothpaste, as it can cause the aligners to dull or create pockets that could trap bacteria. You can soak them with Invisalign cleaning solution, denture cleaner, or other solutions approved by your dentist. During this time, you also need to make sure you are keeping your teeth clean. Continue with your brushing and flossing regimen.

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