Benefits of Children’s Dentistry benefits of children's dentistry

Many parents don’t realize that a child’s first birthday is also a good time for a first visit to the dentist. While that shocks some to hear, the reality is that the average one year-old has at least four teeth and can benefit from a gentle and skilled dental exam. At Chesterfield Family & Cosmetic Dental Centers in Springfield, MO, we offer parents access to a pediatric dentist, and encourage them to discover the many benefits of children’s dentistry.

Enjoy the Benefits of Children’s Dentistry

Let’s just jump right on the very first benefit, which you may not realize until well into the future, and it is that early visits to the dentist set the stage for a lifetime of good oral health. Millions of adults struggle with dental anxiety, and for many it began with bad experiences during some of their first dental visits at the ages of five or older.

Why wait when you can visit us, as your preferred dentist in Springfield, to provide optimal care? Of course, familiarity with dentistry alone is not going to help them reap the benefits of children’s dentistry. It is the actual skill as a child’s dentist that brings such value to the experience, and our team has the training and expertise to ensure your kids have only the best experiences possible.

Keep in mind too that one of the other benefits of children’s dentistry is that these skilled professionals must have extra training to practice in this area. Our dental team has the formal training it takes to become pediatric providers.

Among the other benefits of children’s dentistry are some of the more obvious, including the fact that your baby’s teeth can be checked for any signs of decay or disease, their alignment can be monitored, and we can show you how to properly brush their teeth and gums.

When you bring your children into our office, they will feel immediately at home. We make great efforts to create a welcoming environment that is never scary or overwhelming, and we work with children every day, ensuring we know all the best tactics for helping them overcome any worries or fears.

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