Traditional Braces

Traditional metal braces are the mainstay when it comes to correcting traditional bracesbad bites or crooked teeth. They have been in use for decades, and they are very effective, but realistically, no one is ever going to say that they are attractive. That said, over the years, they have become sleeker, smaller and more comfortable.

Metal braces consist of brackets that are attached to your teeth using an adhesive, and then connected together by means of wire. Periodically, they have to be tightened in order to correct your teeth.


invisalignOther Choices

In the past, metal braces were the only way to straighten teeth. Today, they are not the only option. Clear braces  are available and they are a great choice for patients who worry about the appearance of their mouth. They are considerably less noticeable than traditional braces. The problem is that they are also quite a bit more fragile and they also take longer to correct problems. They are also more expensive than traditional metal braces.

No Need to Live With Crooked Teeth

You may have been living with crooked teeth for a long time. Now, you want totraditional braces do something about it. Or, of course, you could be the parent of a teen whose teeth need straightening. Braces are an ideal solution for anyone whose alignment is less than perfect. Depending on the level of correction needed, you might have to wear braces for just a couple of years, or for as long as three years. Then, you will need a retainer to make sure that your teeth stay straight. Traditional braces are still one of the best ways to correct a bad bite or misalignment. Contact us today to learn if you are a candidate.

Caring For Your Teeth When Wearing Braces

traditional bracesTraditional braces cannot be removed, so you will have to be sure that your oral hygiene is up to par. You will need to avoid sugary foods, or anything else that can cause plaque buildup around the braces. Additionally, in order to ensure that your braces are not damaged, you will have to avoid hard or crunchy foods. You will also need to brush vigorously, after each and every snack or meal, for about five minutes.

Sometimes, brackets will come loose or wires will break. This isn’t an emergency, but you should still get in touch with your dentist as soon as possible to have the braces repaired.

The Final Word

Metal braces are a great way to correct problems with bite or crooked teeth, but they do need to be looked after and maintained. If anything goes wrong, contact your dentist immediately.

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