Most Frightening Halloween Candies for Children Wearing Braces

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Halloween can turn into Nightmare on Elm Street for millions of youths wearing braces if they indulge in too much of the wrong type of candy. A reported 4 million youngsters will be going door-to-door on the last day of October, and 10 percent of all costumed kids will be wearing braces. The impact of sticky, sugary, treats on your youngster’s smile can be tricky. That’s why the Chesterfield Family Dental staff urges our Springfield community members to consider the effect these Halloween candies can have on the teeth of children wearing braces.

Sugar Mixed with Braces Can Hex a Healthy Tooth

While it’s commonly understood that sugar is inherently bad for children and adult teeth, adding braces into the mix heightens the risk of tooth decay and damage. When sugar from candy and starchy food blends with saliva, it turns into a witches brew that sticks to everything inside your mouth. This includes your interior lining, teeth, and gums. Braces are not in any way exempt from this film.

In fact, the wires and brackets of your child’s braces are like a magnet. When this acidic film gets between the dental work and a youngster’s teeth, it can be increasingly difficult to remove with routine brushing and flossing. Given those braces may remain in place for 12-14 months, the chances of cavities, damaged enamel, and tooth pain are likely. It’s crucial for Springfield parents to understand the following types of treats are particularly risky if your child is currently wearing braces.

  • Caramel: This gooey substance ranks among the worst treats for children with braces. It easily slips into cracks and crevices and remains lodged between the dental work and teeth. Caramel is so sticky it often requires a prompt dentist office visit and cleaning treatment to remove it.
  • Taffy: Perhaps running a close second to horrific caramel, taffy is also extremely sticky and can amass on braces. Because salt-water taffy tends to be more firm than caramel, it can become stuck to your child’s braces and require a dentist to remove it.
  • Gum: The basic dentistry rule is “No Gum” while wearing braces. Halloween does not constitute an exception. It will bend wires and get stuck to braces just like any other day.
  • Hard Candy and Lollipops: The possibility of a child biting down on hard candy or a pop is simply not worth the risk. This can result in damage to the braces and a trip to the dental office.

Sending your kids out for sugary candy on Halloween is like writing another script for the Scary Movie franchise. The plot ends with the braces coming off and your child’s teeth having dark spots, cavities, and diminished enamel. The least risky Halloween treat tends to be chocolate. Hopefully, a delicious chocolate bar and a good cleaning afterward will come as a relief to parents.

Visit Your Chesterfield Family Dental Office in Springfield After Halloween

At Chesterfield Family Dental, we understand that parents want youngsters to have a happy Halloween and a beautiful smile as well. We’re here to help our Springfield community members accomplish both positives. If your child wears braces and indulges in the Halloween tradition of trick or treat, contact our office and schedule a routine cleaning.

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