Am I a Candidate for a Root Canal?

candidate for a root canalWhen people talk about fear of the dentist, one of the procedures that tends to come up the most often is the root canal. People have horrible pictures in their minds when it comes to this type of procedure. What many people do not realize though is that the pain does not typically come from the treatment. Rather, the pain stems from the issues within the teeth. Those who are candidates for root canal treatment will find that the procedure can help to relieve them of pain that the infection is causing.

Understanding the Root Canal

To be a candidate for a root canal, you need to have the underlying condition that makes them necessary. It is tooth decay that is severe enough to go through the enamel and into the dentin. It causes an infection in the pulp of the tooth where the nerves are located. This is what is causing the pain. To remedy the problem, the dentist will numb the tooth and gums and remove the infected pulp and nerves and clean out the area. They then fill the location in and build up the tooth. In most cases, they will also add a crown.

Should You Get a Root Canal?

Some people who do not want to get root canals, or who have a tooth that is too far gone to save, may opt for extraction instead. They can talk with the dentist about having the tooth removed and eventually undergoing some type of cosmetic dentistry to replace the tooth, such as a bridge. However, if it is possible to save the tooth and the person is a good candidate for a root canal, the endodontic specialist will usually want to opt for this route. It is always better to have your natural teeth.

Relieve Your Pain with Root Canal Treatment

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