Benefits of Dentures benefits of dentures

Many of us have outdated ideas about dentures. We envision rather stock designs or models that don’t match the appearance or looks of the person using them. As the old saying tells us, “that was then, and this is now.” Today, our patients at Chesterfield Family & Cosmetic Dental Center in Springfield, MO can rely on our team to provide them with dentures ideally suited to their needs, appearance and budget. The benefits of dentures are many, and we encourage you to read on and determine if this is the route for you.

The Types of Dentures

Did you realize that dentures are made in several different types? There are the classic full dentures that replace a full set of upper or lower teeth. There are also partial dentures that replace just a few teeth instead. There are also implant supported dentures, which combine the amazing technologies and benefits of implants with the benefits of dentures.

Which is the right solution for your needs? As your chosen dentist in Springfield, we will never give a stock or standard answer. Instead, we work with you as an individual to determine which path is the ideal one for your particular needs. Maybe you have good oral health, but are missing several teeth in your upper jaw. This may make you a good candidate for partials.

However, we may determine that your oral health will lead to the loss of some additional teeth, and the benefits of dentures would be gained by extracting teeth and making you full dentures.

Restored Use

Of course, the flexibility of options or choices may be seen as one of the benefits of dentures, but we feel the key benefits are in their abilities to restore your mouth to the fullest function possible. For instance, when someone loses teeth, it alters how they eat, speak and even look. Dentures can reverse all of these issues, giving you a much higher quality of life with a simple and low maintenance solution!

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