Dental Crownsdental crowns

Are you happy with your teeth that show when you smile? Do you see cracks, chips, broken teeth or unsightly metal fillings? Perhaps you have severely stained teeth, a missing tooth or it hurts when you bite down. If so, odds are, you’re not happy with your smile. Fortunately, we have a solution for all these problems that not only gives you a beautiful smile but restores the functionality of your teeth once again. With dental crowns from Chesterfield Family Dental, we can give you a beautiful and functional smile in just one visit. Find out if dental crowns in Springfield are the right solution for you.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns, also known as caps, are tooth-colored restorations that are placed on top of your teeth, like a crown. They cover the complete outside of your teeth and are permanently attached to give you a brand new appearing tooth. Crowns can be used for both restorative and cosmetic purposes. This protective covering is made to look just like your natural teeth to cover up all of the damage or flaws on your teeth. Dental crowns are just as strong as natural teeth if not stronger since they are made from porcelain material. The material cannot be stained or damaged unless your grind or clench your teeth or experience an injury to the face. You can expect your dental crown(s) to last for many years if not the rest of your life.

Who is a Candidate for Dental Crowns?

Most patients are candidates for dental crowns at our Springfield dental office. First off, we recommend dental crowns for those patients who have the following problems:

Broken, Fractured or Cracked Teethdental crowns

If your teeth experience any of these problems, it’s important to find some sort of dental restoration to cover up these problems. Dental bonding is a great solution, but it won’t hold up long. When you choose to cover these teeth with dental crowns, you can be sure that no additional damage will occur and your teeth will be protected from bacteria and particles. In addition, dental crowns will help restore the appearance and biting ability and function of your tooth back to normal.

Large Fillings

Whether you have large amalgam fillings or large composite fillings, these can leave your teeth vulnerable to breaking and weak. Large fillings are not a practical long-term solution. When you place a dental crown over a tooth with an overly large filling in it, this can help protect your tooth and restore its strength to protect against cavities and other potential damage.

Root Canals

Following root canal therapy, you will have a large hole in your mouth that will be sealed with composite material. It’s best to also cap this with a dental crown for additional protection to restore the function and strength of your tooth.

Missing Teeth

If you have a missing tooth, you have three options. Do nothing, get a dental bridge, or get a dental crown. If you choose to go with a dental crown, you can have this attached to a dental implant for a completely natural feeling and looking solution.

Tooth Decay

Patients of our regularly restore their teeth damaged by decay with dental crowns. This way you don’t have to have your tooth pulled.

Cosmetic Problems

The last solution dental crowns can be used for is cosmetic issues. We can cover any teeth to give them a new shape, color or size to enhance the appearance of your teeth.

Dental Crowns Treatment


Now that you know which problems dental crowns can help fix, it’s time to learn about the procedure process. The dental crown treatment begins with a visit and exam by Dr. Buzbee at our Springfield dental office. He will perform any necessary dental work on you. Following your procedure, using our CEREC, he will take digital impressions. From there, he picks out the correct colored resin to match your teeth and within a matter of minutes, our CEREC creates your permanent dental crown in our office. This dental crown is ready to be installed the same day as your procedure.

With same day crowns, you don’t have to deal with an uncomfortable temporary restoration and visit us once again when your restoration returns from the lab. The CEREC allows you to leave with your restoration the same day and prevents you from needing to return for another visit. Your smile is restored back to health and functionality for you to enjoy!

Dental Crowns Care

After you receive your dental crown(s), it’s important to care for them like you do your natural teeth. This means brushing at least twice a day combined with flossing. We also expect to see you every 6 months for your dental exam and cleaning to ensure your dental hygiene is still good and your dental crown looks well. In order to prevent damage from occurring, take care of your dental health, and wear a night guard if you tend to grind or clench your teeth. We also recommend wearing a mouth guard if you play contact sports. Physical damage to the crown is the only way you will harm it since crowns do not get cavities. Your restoration won’t stain but it also won’t whiten, so be sure to pick a color you like because you will be stuck with it.

Ready for Dental Crowns in Springfield?

Now that you know everything about dental crowns, be sure to visit our Springfield dentist for same-day crowns. We can restore your teeth back to full function and health so you can smile and eat with the confidence you deserve. If you’re interested in learning more about dental crowns or making an appointment to have one made for yourself, give our dental office a call at 417-888-0771 or by filling out our online form.