Dental Crownsdental crowns

When was the last time you smiled? Really, really smiled? With every single one of your teeth showing? If you’re thinking back trying to remember, then chances are your teeth are chipped, broken or discolored and that’s why you haven’t been smiling. Have you been foregoing your favorite foods because it hurts you to bite down? Again, it could be due to damage that prevents you from fully enjoying the things that you used to enjoy.

Dental crowns can deliver full functionality to your mouth – improve your smile and also make it possible for you to enjoy the foods you once loved. Damaged teeth don’t just look bad, they make it hard for you to bite properly. The good news is, you don’t have to give up your favorite foods and you don’t have to stop smiling. Chipped, broken and discolored teeth can be corrected by means of dental crowns. They’re simply protective coverings, colored the same as your natural teeth that are used to correct damage and cosmetic issues. They’re as strong as your natural teeth, if not stronger because they’re made from porcelain – the material that is closest to real teeth.

CERECThe Procedure

At Chesterfield Family & Cosmetic Dental in Springfield, MO, we use the CEREC® System to create dental crowns that will restore your teeth to their original condition, if not better. So, what exactly is CEREC®? It is an acronym that stands for “Chairside Economical Restorations of Esthetic Ceramic,” and it is one of the most revolutionary restoration techniques available. It allows Dr. Buzbee to use a special computer to check out your teeth and then to make and install your crowns in just one appointment.

First, Dr. Buzbee examines your teeth to determine exactly what has to be done. Then, he removes the decayed areas and using the CEREC® machine, he makes your crowns by selecting a piece of porcelain that looks pretty much like your natural tooth and delivering it to the milling unit. Once the milling machine has made your crowns, Dr. Buzbee will cement them in place and your smile and functionality will be fully restored.

Caring for Your Crowns

Your dental crowns don’t require any special care. dental crownsBasically, all you have to do is brush and floss the same way you always have. And of course, see Dr. Buzbee regularly for checkups and his hygienists for regular cleanings.

The only things that can harm your crowns are the same things that would harm your natural teeth. If you sustain a trauma to your mouth, your crowns could be damaged. And if you grind your teeth, or bite down hard, you could damage your crowns. If you’re a grinder, your teeth can be protected with a night guard – and that works for crowns as well as natural teeth.

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