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Do you have a few questions about general dentistry? At Chesterfield Family Dental in Springfield, MO, we offer a full array of general dentistry solutions, which are all also a form of preventative dentistry, too. After all, if you take a quick look at the list of treatments, you see that anything done under our general dentistry heading is going to work in your favor to prevent the development of issues like decay, disease or even bite problems. Still, there are many general dentistry FAQs, and so we are going to share them with you here to ensure your concerns are addressed.

What Does General Dentistry Do?

The once or twice annual checkups and cleanings you do are a form of general dentistry, but so too are treatments that preserve or even restore a tooth. Fillings are part of our general service, and so too is periodontal treatment. We also help our patients to understand if there are gaps in their oral hygiene that they can take care of each day at home, such as using certain kinds of toothpastes or brushing in a different way. The best way to look at general dentistry, is as preventative dentistry that helps to cut your risks for more serious issues like cavities, gum disease and more.

We also offer specialized treatment like sealants for children, fluoride treatments, and even consult with parents when children develop habits harmful to oral health, such as chronic thumb sucking.

As a preferred dentist in Springfield, does your general dentistry include root canals or crowns?

This is another of the important general dentistry FAQs, because it touches on the emphasis we place on overall oral health and wellness. Yes, as your general dentist our team can provide gum care and treatments, fillings and even root canals. We can supply you with bridges and even some cosmetic dentistry solutions.

Isn’t General Dentistry Less Specialized?

This is interesting as one of the general dentistry FAQs because it does make sense. Yes, there are specialist dentists, but our general dentistry solutions touch on total care, and yet we also do offer a lot of specialized treatment that may be necessary even after some general care is done.

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