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Before reading these cosmetic dentistry facts, let’s take a moment to recognize that cosmetic dentistry is not about vanity or ego. While many of the procedures are meant to enhance or improve the esthetics of any patient’s smile, there is more to it than that. After all, we may hesitate to smile or speak if self-conscious about the appearance of our teeth and gums, and this is why a cosmetic dentist can be more than just an esthetician. Our team can do more than just use cosmetic dentistry to improve the look of the smile, too. After all, if you have chipped and cracked teeth, cosmetic treatments like bonding or veneers add support and strength to the compromised tooth.

As your preferred dentist in Springfield, MO, Chesterfield Family Dental can provide you with the skilled service of a cosmetic dentistry specialist, but before you call for an appointment, take a few minutes to read these cosmetic dentistry facts.

While we could list the services available to you, let’s consider some of the lesser recognized benefits that stand out among the many authentic cosmetic dentistry facts.

Supports decrease in sensitivity

Whether you are receiving something like veneers or using whitening, you can often address your dental sensitivity through different treatments. Our dentist will review such things as special toothpastes to use before and after whitening or let you know how bonding or veneers can serve to strengthen a tooth and make it less sensitive to heat and pressure.

Improve the appearance of the face

We have teeth throughout our lives, yet lose a few and you see that the shape of the face changes because the soft tissue is collapsing into gaps in the teeth. This can prematurely age our faces and yet several cosmetic dentistry solutions prevent this by filling in the gaps again. Whether it is implants or veneers, and even bonding, you may find that returning your teeth to an original condition also improves your facial shape.

Cosmetic treatments can be long term solutions

For too long patients have misunderstood the lifespan of many of the top treatments. Veneers, as an example, can be maintained for two decades or longer with proper oral health and hygiene. Bonding lasts for a decade, whitening can even be prolonged through lifestyle changes and the use of certain toothpastes.

Risks of damage are gone

In the past, a patient discussing their wish for some cosmetic solutions would have had to compromise. The removal of enamel (a permanent change) was the price for certain cosmetic treatments. Today, there are some options that do not put enamel at risk at all.

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