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Perfect Your Smile

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If you are not 100% happy with your smile, contact Chesterfiled Family Dental today to schedule a consultation so we can help you onto the right path to the smile you want!

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Nice, clean place everyone are very friendly. The doctor always done a great job. I have been there for many years…!
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All staff members are very nice. I came in after having neck surgery. Range of motion wasn’t normal for me. They worked on it to make sure I was comfortable and not in pain. Will be going back again.
Ray N.
Ray N.
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From the front office to the Dentist, the experience was awesome. Everyone took their time to help and thoroughly explain all details. This was my first visit and now I have a great dental facility!!

General Treatment

General Dentistry

Teeth Cleanings | Fillings | Crowns & Bridges | Root Canals | Tooth Extractions
Implants | Digital X-rays | Bonding

At Chesterfield Family Dental, we provide a wide array of dental services. Our top procedures in our Springfield dental office include general dentistry treatments. General dentists provide all general dental procedures. This includes all of the basic preventive and restorative treatments you need to have a functional smile. Our dentists also have experience with specialized treatments like children’s dentistry, sedation dentistry, and cosmetic dentistry solutions. We try to provide as many treatments as possible in our office so that you don’t need to visit multiple dental offices to receive all of your treatments. We emphasize preventive dentistry as it is the best way to avoid serious dental problems.

Caring for your smile begins with general dentistry like routine check-ups and cleanings and addressing dental problems as they arise. In addition, we provide a wide variety of restorative treatments to help restore your smile back to complete health and function. Find out about all of the general dentistry procedures we have available at our dental office in Springfield to help you achieve a healthy smile.

Teeth Cleanings

The first step to a healthy smile is by visiting us every 6 months for your routine dental exam and teeth cleaning. During this visit, we will examine your smile to look for signs of decay or damage. Through x-rays and your physical exam, we will be able to diagnose cavities, gum disease, and other serious dental problems. Following that, we will complete your dental cleaning. Professional dental cleanings are important because they help remove stuck on tartar and plaque. Without cleaning, this plaque and tartar can lead to bacteria, decay, and cavities. If we find any problems in your mouth, we will discuss treatment options with you. Our dentist is here to provide you with answers to any questions you have and to discuss any concerns.

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When you have a cavity, your dentist extracts the damage and decay from your tooth and then fills it with a composite filling. In the past, it was common for dentists to use amalgam fillings which give a silver appearance. Today, we use composite fillings which are tooth colored and work better than old amalgam fillings. Whether you need a tooth filled, or you want to remove your old silver fillings and have them replaced with a natural looking solution, we can help you. Without silver and mercury fillings in your mouth, you will enjoy your smile more and enjoy how natural your teeth look. Fillings are a simple procedure completed by our general dentists.

Tooth Colored Fillings Before
Before Invisible Filling

Tooth Colored Fillings After
After Invisible Filling
             BEFORE                                AFTER

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Crowns and Bridges

When you lose a tooth or one becomes significantly damaged, you will need a replacement to protect the tooth or replace the missing tooth. Dental crowns can be used to hide stains, restore broken or damaged teeth and they can be used to replace missing teeth when attached to a dental implant. Our dental crowns are used in full mouth restorations and in certain cosmetic treatments depending on the patient. Our dental crowns are made to look completely natural, matching your surrounding teeth’s shades and shapes. Our custom-made crowns are made in our office using our Cerec machine and then permanently installed. To care for your dental crown, brush, and floss as you would with a normal tooth.


When you have a missing tooth or two, you need to figure out what the best restorative option would be. At Chesterfield Family Dental, we can provide our patients with an exceptional solution, dental bridges. A dental bridge is a custom-made dental device that bridges your teeth together when one or two is missing. The bridge is made with two ends that act as anchors. These are essentially caps that go over your teeth adjacent to the gap. In-between the anchors lie one to two crowns that are attached. After the dental bridge is installed, you no longer have a gap in your mouth and a complete functional smile. Our dental bridges are made to look completely natural, matching your surrounding teeth exactly.  Nobody will be able to tell you are wearing a dental bridge. In addition, speaking, chewing, and smile will feel natural.

To create your dental bridges and crowns, we use our in-office CEREC technology. This technology allows us to take digital impressions of your teeth and then create your restorations within minutes in our office. This saves you from needing a temporary restoration while waiting for your permanent one return from the lab. Our in-office CEREC creates beautiful and natural looking restorations. Say goodbye to multiple dental office visits!

dental bridges before
Before Bridge

dental bridges after
After Bridge
              BEFORE                                AFTER

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Root Canals

As part of our general dentistry, our Springfield dentists can also perform root canals when necessary. Root canals are a procedure that extracts decayed pulp from the center of your tooth. We then reshape the canal and fill it up with a strengthening filling. Occasionally, you will need to have a dental crown placed over the tooth to give it extra protection. Root canals become necessary procedures when a cavity goes untreated. The untreated cavity leads to decay that reaches the tooth’s structure. Without a root canal, the tooth would need to be extracted.

The procedure for a root canal consists of the patient first undergoing a form of sedation dentistry. From there, a dental dam is used to isolate the tooth where the tooth is then opened up and the infection and decay are removed. We thoroughly clean the tooth and begin reshaping the canals. With biocompatible filling material, we fill the canal. Lastly, we place a dental crown over your tooth to protect it from any bacteria.

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Tooth Extractions

General Extractions

Although we try to avoid extractions at all costs, sometimes they are necessary at our Spring dentist office. An extraction is necessary when a primary tooth is preventing the eruption of a permanent tooth. They are also needed when a tooth has decay or damaged beyond repair. Patients will also need an extraction when gum disease is present or a tooth is impacted. Depending on the patient’s needs, the tooth may need to be extracted surgically or non-surgically. We can use sedation dentistry to make the extraction more pleasant.

Wisdom Teeth

In addition to general extractions, our dentist also performs wisdom teeth removal in Springfield. Also known as your third molars, wisdom teeth usually grow in from your late teens to your twenties. Your mouth is usually not big enough to accommodate these extra teeth, forcing your teeth not to fully erupt causing impaction. This can cause problems with the adjacent teeth and crowding can occur. To extract the tooth, we may need to surgically cut into your jaw and remove the tooth piece by piece if it is impacted. Without extraction, abscesses or cysts can form around the tooth. We recommend having all wisdom teeth extracted to avoid future problems and severe discomfort. If you have noticed wisdom tooth pain in the back of your mouth, visit our dentist in Springfield for wisdom tooth removal.

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Dental Implants

Dental ImplantsOne of our top procedures at our Springfield dental office, dental implants are artificial tooth replacements made with titanium screws. They can be used to attach a dental crown, dental bridge, or to secure dentures. They general bone mass in your jaw which prevents premature aging and gives you the security of knowing your restoration will not fall out. If you have any missing teeth, consider this ideal dental restoration procedure that gives you natural feeling results. It’s important to keep up with oral hygiene to keep your implants intact.


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Digital X-Rays

Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are part of every dental x-ray. In addition, we use x-rays when you come in with pain somewhere in your mouth. Our digital x-rays allow us to see what’s going on inside your mouth that can’t be seen with the naked eye. Different from the old traditional x-rays, digital x-rays are much more accurate and can be completed in less time. With instant results, this dental technology also exposes you to less radiation than before. Experience our digital x-rays for yourself during your next dental exam in Springfield.

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Composite Bonding

Our last general dentistry procedure is also a cosmetic procedure. Dental bonding is a composite material used to fix chipped or cracked teeth. It can also be used to help reshape teeth that may have lots of gaps or give you an unsymmetrical smile. Composite bonding can also be used to hide discoloration that doesn’t respond to whitening treatments. The composite material is colored to match your tooth exactly so it looks completely natural. Unlike other treatment options like veneers or crowns, little to no prep is needed to complete dental bonding.

Composite bonding is a quick and cost-efficient process that many of our patients find beneficial. In little than less than an hour, your smile can be transformed with this treatment. Although composite bonding doesn’t last as long as veneers, it can provide you with beautiful results that can last for years. Take care of your restored teeth by brushing and flossing as normal and visiting us regularly for dental exams.

Schedule Your Next Dental Appointment in Springfield

Now that you know about all of the different general dentistry procedures available at our Springfield dental office, it’s time to schedule your next appointment. Whether you are in need of a dental cleaning or you have a tooth that’s been bothering you, give our dental office a call or visit our contact page to fill out our online form. One of the friendly staff at Chesterfield Family Dental will be in contact with you to schedule your appointment. We look forward to treating you and giving you the healthiest smile possible.

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I am always excited to go to the dentist now that I go to Chesterfield Family Dental. They always answer any questions I have and are so friendly and nice. I am always so comfortable here, which is saying alot because I have peridontal disease and the treatment for it doesn't always feel so great, but when Im here, the hygenist makes me forget all about it!
Salina J.
The staff is so warm and welcoming from the moment you walk in the door. Even though my son is a bit apprehensive about going to the dentist since he had to have four teeth pulled in the past, he is still always happy to see them. Dr. Buzbee and his staff are so great and patient with him. He leaves with a smile on his face and no cavities!
Julie C.
I have been a patient of Dr. Buzbee for as long as I can remember. The Staff at Chesterfield Family Dental is always greet you when you walk in and they seem to know everyone by name. The care you get for the staff is always great and all seem to be the best of the best at what they do. I have always recommend anyone I know to go see them and will continue to do so in the future.
Andrew G.

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