Reasons to Consider Dentures

consider dentures
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Do you feel as though you are “stuck” choosing dentures for your missing teeth because other options will not work for your situation? Do not be so quick to judge those dentures too harshly. In fact, for many of our patients in Springfield, we believe there are quite a lot of reasons to consider dentures over other restorative dentistry options. Here are just a few.

Dentures Are Budget Friendly

If you are like millions of other Americans, you do not have dental insurance. Paying for some restorative dentistry procedures out of pocket can be prohibitive. Dentures have a lower up-front cost compared to other treatments in Springfield.

Dentures Give You Options

One of the best reasons to consider dentures is that you can “shop around” a bit. Many dental treatments are only available from a single source in a single style. With dentures, you can search for dentures that you think look more natural, or dentures that are more comfortable in your mouth, or many other features.

Dentures Are Faster

When we list the reasons to consider dentures, this one has to be at the top of our list overall. Dental implants, for example, can take up to a year to complete. Even some dental crowns can take time due to extra customization that is needed. In most cases, dentures can be produced in just a few days. They do not require unique materials or a lot of customization, so they are much easier to make on a tighter timeline.

Learn More from Your Restorative Dentistry Specialist in Springfield

Dentures have been helping people eat, speak, and smile normally for centuries. By now, you could say that we have perfected the use of dentures, and modern manufacturing techniques make it even easier to get dentures that look indistinguishable from teeth. Learn more reasons to consider dentures from your dentist in Springfield at Chesterfield Family Dental by calling 417-888-0771, or contact us online.

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