Traditional Braces Overview

Traditional Braces
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Traditional Braces

At Chesterfield Family & Cosmetic Dental Center in Springfield, MO we consider traditional braces as a mainstay for correcting crooked teeth or bad bites – even those that are fairly severe. If you or your children are in need of orthodontics, we are a dentist in Springfield, MO offering traditional braces, clear braces and more.

Which is the right choice? That really depends upon the individual. We have each patient meet with our orthodontist to discuss their goals, budget, and needs. While metal braces are a classic form of traditional braces, enabling us to use their strength and force to pull teeth into the best positions, we also understand that many patients dislike the idea of traditional braces because of their wires, metal brackets, and difficulties where eating and hygiene are concerned.

This is why we also make clear braces available. They are designed identically to regular braces, but use more discreet brackets that are not so obvious to the naked eye.

One thing we do discuss in great detail with patients who are using traditional braces is the extra demands in terms of care and upkeep. You will have to visit our office on a somewhat regular basis to have the progress of the straightening checked, and to get adjustments when needed.

You will also have to learn just how to tend to braces, brushing and flossing in an optimal way, coming for cleanings, and even altering your diet in order to reduce any risks of damage to the braces. We recommend you skip sugary foods and drinks, eliminate any hard foods that could crush brackets or bend wires, and begin brushing your teeth after any sort of food or beverage.

Classic metal braces are tough to beat in terms of their effectiveness. Even patients with the most demanding needs can rely on braces to get the job done. They are higher maintenance and can be painful, but they are also one of the most affordable approaches to straightening the teeth.

If you would prefer something more discreet, the use of alternatives such as Invisalign or even porcelain veneers could be a good solution.

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If you have additional questions about traditional braces, or about any of the other treatments mentioned here, give us a call at our Springfield, MO office at 417-888-0771. You can also use our online contact form and one of our staff will get back to you promptly.

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