5 Facts About Dental Crowns

facts about dental crowns
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Do you have a cracked or fractured tooth? Or perhaps you have a missing tooth or just received a root canal. Dental crowns can actually solve all of these problems. Our dentist will recommend a dental crown when your tooth’s structure isn’t the best and needs some extra support to stay healthy. Whatever the reason it is you need a dental crown, learn more about them from our Springfield dental crowns dentist at Chesterfield Family Dental. Read these facts about dental crowns.

1. Dental Crowns Can Be Preventative

Most patients don’t know that dental crowns can actually be used as a preventive measure. When your dentist notices that your tooth is broken, cracked, weak or recently underwent a root canal, he suggests a dental crown to protect the tooth from further damage. It will also strengthen your mouth and allow you to bite down and chew more naturally.

2. Dental Crowns Can Be Restorative

Not only are dental crowns used as a preventive measure, but also as a restorative treatment. Dental crowns can also shield your teeth from experiencing additional damage. If you have a damaged or decayed tooth, dental crowns can bring that tooth back to life and allow it to be functional once again.

3. Dental Crowns are Like Natural Teeth

When it comes to caring for your dental crown, you simply treat it like one of your natural teeth. This means you will need to brush it twice daily as well as floss between your teeth to remove debris and plaque. Dental crowns do not stain but they can break if you inflict any physical damage on it. We recommend wearing a night guard if you grind your teeth when you sleep or a mouth guard if you play contact sports. This will help extend the life of your dental crowns.

4. Dental Crowns Can Replace Teeth

If you have a missing tooth, our dentist can actually replace it with a dental crown. However, we will first need to give you dental implant surgery. Once the implant is placed and healed in your jaw, we can attach the dental crown to it to replace your missing tooth. It will look completely natural and give you your smile and tooth function back.

5. Dental Crowns Can Restore Beauty

The last dental crowns fact you should know about is that dental crowns can restore beauty back to your smile. Patients who have a mouth full of broken, stained or damaged teeth might find smiling to be embarrassing. With dental crowns, we can cap the teeth that need a bit of help and give you a brand new smile in the process. Dental crowns look natural and we can even design them to look like your old teeth. Discover how dental crowns can restore beauty to your smile.

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