Why Should I Steer Clear of Over The Counter Whitening Products?

over the counter whitening
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If you dislike your stained or yellow smile, you have most likely either considered using over the counter whitening products or purchasing them in the future. We have news for you, these can be a huge waste of money and cause other problems to your dental health. When it comes to beautifying your smile, you should leave it to the professionals. You wouldn’t give yourself a tattoo or cut your own hair without the education and expertise it requires to deliver professional results, would you? Chesterfield Family Dental can provide you with an array of different professional teeth whitening products in Springfield for you to enjoy. If you’re not convinced, keep reading to find out why you should steer clear of over the counter whitening products.

It Doesn’t Deliver Professional Results

One of the first reasons you should steer clear of over the counter teeth whitening products is because they do not deliver professional results. This is due to a number of reasons. First of all, over the counter products do not offer the same level of bleach that professional products use. This means that it might not whiten your smile very much. In addition, over the counter products might leave streaks of white on your teeth instead of whitening them evenly. If you’re looking for professional results, you need to see a professional cosmetic dentist.

Over the Counter Whitening Might Not Work

A huge concern of using over the counter whitening products is that they might not actually work. When you visit a dentist for your teeth whitening treatment, you can be sure that there will be results because a professional is giving them to you. Not all over the counter whitening products work the same. You might have some results with the whitening strips but a whitening pen does nothing for you. Don’t waste your time and money using a product that might not work.

Over the Counter Whitening Might Harm Your Teeth

One of our Springfield dentists concerns with using over the counter whitening products on the teeth is that they might potentially harm your teeth. This is because if they are used incorrectly, you can actually damage your enamel. If you think that whitening your teeth by brushing them with charcoal is a good idea, say goodbye to your enamel. That whitening solution actually scrapes away at your enamel to give it a whiter appearance. This means you are more susceptible to cavities and dental problems. Your enamel can’t grow back so once the damage is done, your tooth is downhill from here.

Over the Counter Whitening Doesn’t Last Long

If you’re looking for a long lasting whitening result, over the counter whitening isn’t for you. First, it might not whiten your teeth that much. Second, these results can be gone in just a matter of months because the whitening treatment didn’t go deep enough into your deep to get rid of deep and older stains, only surface stains. Professional whitening penetrates your teeth deep enough to remove years of staining!

Ready to Experience Professional Teeth Whitening? Give Us a Call

If you’re ready to steer clear of over the counter whitening products and invest in whitening products that deliver the results you want, contact our Springfield cosmetic dentist at Chesterfield Family Dental today by giving us a call or filling out our online form.

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