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One of the most feared dental procedures of all time, root canals are regarded as a hefty undertaking. A patient might have to undergo the procedure if they have a cavity that has run too deeply, or if there is too much risk of infection spreading throughout the mouth. Fortunately, root canals are often much less daunting than they seem. Our Springfield dentists want to give you the details of root canal therapy so that you can feel more confident in this procedure. The words of a root canal specialist can help ease your fears about this beneficial procedure, and make you feel more confident about this advancement in endodontics.

What is a Root Canal, and How Does It Work?

A root canal is an endodontic procedure that removes the pulp and nerves from a tooth. The root canal itself is the natural cavity in the very center of the tooth, which must be removed if the tooth has become infected or badly decayed.

When a tooth becomes too badly decayed, the nerves and pulp of the tooth must be removed in order to prevent bacteria from spreading and infecting other parts of the mouth. A bad enough infection could cause bone loss, bruising, facial swelling, gum disease, and facial trauma.

The Procedure is Painless

Thankfully, our Springfield dentists are here to assure you that the root canal procedure is simple and painless – unlike many of the myths that circulate about the dreaded root canals. While a root canal may require more than one office visit, it is usually quick and the patient does not feel a thing.

Anesthesia may or may not be required, depending on the severity of your tooth’s infection. After the dentist removes the tooth’s nerves and pulp, the tooth is then sealed to protect it from becoming infected again.

Patients compare the pain of a root canal procedure to the pain of having a filling put in. Typically, it is not very painful, and the discomfort wears away quickly.

Root Canal Success Rates

Root canals have over 95% success in all patients, easily removing the sources of infection and decay to keep the mouth clean and prevent disease spreading to the rest of the mouth. This restorative procedure can be a life-saving process.

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