root canal aftercare
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Although many people fear the dental treatment known as the root canal, it is actually an incredibly beneficial option. After all, it saves a tooth that would have otherwise had to be removed. It brings pain to an abrupt end and is usually topped with a crown that looks, performs and feels exactly like a natural tooth. At Chesterfield Family Dental in Springfield, MO, we offer endodontics options, such as root canal therapy, and encourage patients about to have this treatment to read a bit about root canal aftercare.

As your preferred dentist in Springfield, we provide you with access to a skilled root canal specialist who can perform this procedure with great skill. All patients are fully anesthetized before the root canal begins, and that means absolutely no pain or discomfort. The tooth is then treated by all of the infected tissue being removed. The interior of the tooth is treated and then a temporary crown is placed. We make accurate molds of the tooth and have a lab produce your new and long-lasting crown. This is bonded into place and can then be used just like the original, natural tooth.

Of course, it is up to you to provide yourself with the very best root canal aftercare, and this is done in several ways. First is immediately after your treatment. As indicated, your mouth is numb and you must not eat or drink until the numbness has worn off (usually no more than a few hours).

Once numbness is gone, you may experience tenderness that can be alleviated by regular over the counter pain relievers, and most patients say that any soreness abates in a few days. If you are fitted with a temporary crown and will need to return a week or two later, your root canal aftercare also means avoiding any hard or chewy foods that could dislodge the temporary crown. Once the new crown is placed, simply care for it like a regular tooth, and all should be well.

Should your bite feel a bit off in the hours or days after treatment, get in touch for a quick and painless adjustment.

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