Reasons to Consider General Dentistry

consider general dentistry
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Whether it is due to dental anxiety, lack of insurance, or the belief that they do not need to visit the general dentist in Springfield every year, many people choose to avoid preventative dental care. These people only come to the dentist when something is wrong, which can lead to many health concerns. Here are some reasons you should consider general dentistry appointments as just as important as your regular checkups and screenings elsewhere.

General Dentists Protect More Than Oral Health

Did you know that your oral health plays a big part in your overall health? For example, untreated gum disease and oral decay can lead to heart problems. Oral cancer is easily caught and treated in the early stages, but without regular screenings, patients in Springfield can become very ill from this serious disease. Even if your teeth look white and healthy, there could be issues that your general dentist would have caught, had you considered general dentistry.

General Dentistry Can Impact Mental Health

Psychology and general dentistry go hand in hand when it comes to having an attractive smile. It has been proven that the mere act of smiling can help boost moods, lower stress, and more. Feeling more confident due to having a nice smile can lead to better interactions in the workforce, when dating, and in many other situations. General dentistry helps keep your teeth looking great so that you can reap these benefits.

Learn More from the General Dentist in Springfield

Are you ready to consider general dentistry? Regular appointments every year are all it takes to keep your teeth and gums in healthy, beautiful condition. Start by contacting our office in Springfield online, or call us at 417-888-0771 during business hours. We are happy to answer your questions about preventative dentistry and its benefits.

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