Pros and Cons of Dental Implants

pros and cons of dental implants
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Have you lost one or more teeth? Are you curious to learn if dental implants might work for you? At Chesterfield Family Dental in Springfield, MO we offer implant dentistry as part of our restorative treatments, and we encourage everyone considering it to take time learning about the various pros and cons of dental implants.

As your preferred dentist in Springfield, we can tell you that there are very few “cons” or negatives. Let’s get the proverbial bad news out of the way first by looking at them now. If we are to be accurate about the pros and cons of dental implants, we need to consider the following cons:

They can require additional procedures

If you do not have enough bone, you may need treatment to enhance the amount of bone before the implant is done

They require time spent healing

They can take up to nine months to fully heal and have the new crown attached. If patience is a problem for you, it might be difficult

They are costly

Though they are coming down dramatically in price since first appearing, they are an expensive form of restorative treatment

Now, on to the list of pros where the pros and cons of dental implants are concerned.

They are the most authentic form of restorative dentistry

Because our implant dentist is replacing lost roots in addition to the crown, it is going to benefit you tremendously over the long term and allow for a fully functional, strong and effective tooth replacement

They look entirely natural

Unlike some other treatments, implants are identical to the surrounding teeth and no one will ever know you have them.

They are incredibly reassuring and comfortable

Because they are set into the bone and gum, they feel just like your natural teeth. They enable you to speak, eat and talk like you have always done and you will use them with great confidence.

They are flexible

You can opt for individual implants, but you also have the choice for bridges and dentures that use them, and even treatments like all on four.

They reduce dental care costs over the long term

With each implant, you lessen the risk for decay or disease, translating to lower expenses as the years go by.

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