Pros and Cons of Cosmetic Dentistry

pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry
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Are you considering some cosmetic dentistry? If so, you will want to run the classic comparison and consider the many pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry before choosing any treatments. At Chesterfield Family Dental in Springfield, MO we offer patients access to our cosmetic dentistry specialist and as a team, the two of you can consider your needs and goals and determine if cosmetic treatments are appropriate.

Choosing Cosmetic Dentistry

In that last sentence, we used the term appropriately, and this is because your cosmetic dentist will have to first assess your overall oral health. This begins with an exam and a discussion about any needs you might have for preventative or restorative treatment. Often, restorative work and cosmetic dentistry can overlap. The patient who has a chipped tooth may need to see it restored to something like a porcelain veneer. This is a treatment within our cosmetic surgery menu and yet would also restore that tooth to a stable and esthetically appealing condition.

After such issues are addressed, we can then start to review the pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry based on your individual goals and needs. Our options include very simple treatments suitable to almost all, such as teeth whitening. We also offer porcelain veneers, Invisalign treatment, and braces, among others.

Clearly, with such a diversity of options, it can be difficult to run a general list of pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry. Instead, we look at them through the lens of your needs and goals. The pros, for example, would consider something like the speed at which many treatments yield results, the affordability of certain treatments, and the privacy afforded to you for other treatments. The cons might be the length of time something requires, the costs and whether some treatments might not have the long-lasting results desired.

The first step is to book a consult with us as your cosmetic dentist in Springfield. We can then start to discuss the various pros and cons of cosmetic dentistry relating to the treatments you are most interested in obtaining. We are always going to provide an entirely customized treatment plan, and are happy to fit any restorative work into your program, too.

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