Invisalign or Braces in Springfield?

Invisalign or braces
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Do you dislike your crooked, misaligned or gapped teeth? If so, don’t worry. There are plenty of orthodontic options out there and we just so happen to carry a few of them at our dental office in Springfield. At Chesterfield Family Dental, we see patients of all ages opting for some sort of orthodontic procedure to straighten their teeth. Find out if Invisalign or braces is right for you.

Invisalign or Braces – Comfort

When it comes to comfort, Invisalign wins by a long shot. Wearing metal braces can be quite uncomfortable. First, because you’re wearing metal brackets and wires that easily scrape against your cheek, lips, and tongue. It’s common to experience cuts or even canker sores throughout the duration of your treatment. Sometimes brackets break and then you experience a wire poking you in your gum or cheeks. Another aspect of comfort when it comes to metal braces is your tightening appointments. Every six weeks, you will visit your dentist to have the wires tightened. This can leave your mouth sore for days.

On the other hand, Invisalign is more comfortable to wear. The clear aligners are made out of thin plastic that you will hardly notice on your teeth. They won’t cut up your mouth at all and are actually quite pleasant to wear. In addition, you won’t experience significant pain every 6 weeks. Instead, you switch out your aligners every 2 weeks for smaller movements. You may experience sore teeth for a day or two after the switch. With either option, it’s normal to experience regular headaches. Although both can cause pain and discomfort, Invisalign is more comfortable to wear.

Invisalign or Braces – Convenience

If you want to have the convenience of eating whatever you want or not having to alter your lifestyle at all, Invisalign is the better option for you. Invisalign can be removed for all meals and won’t interfere with your mouth if you play sports or musical instruments. With braces, however, you will have a list of foods you cannot eat, otherwise, you might break your brackets. In addition, playing sports or instruments can cut up your mouth even more. If you want flexibility and convenience, Invisalign is the better choice.

Invisalign or Braces – Time

How long do you want your orthodontic treatment to last? With traditional braces, you’re looking at at least a year before your teeth are straightened and that is for mild cases. With Invisalign, your treatment might last for as little as 6 months. Invisalign works a bit faster than traditional braces because you move your teeth at a faster rate, every 2 weeks instead of every 6. It’s normal for those with braces to miss appointments and have to reschedule, but with Invisalign, you can stay on track while still rescheduling appointments.

Invisalign or Braces – Cost

The last difference between Invisalign and metal braces is cost. You will be surprised to know that Invisalign costs just a small amount more than metal braces on average. Discuss your pricing options with Dr. Buzbee to find out the cost of your treatment plan. Every patient is different.

Find the Right Orthodontic Solution for You Today

Whether you want metal braces or Invisalign, our dentists at Chesterfield Family Dental can provide you with the orthodontics you need in Springfield. Give us a call or fill out our online form for your orthodontic consultation.

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