General Dentistry At-Home Tips

general dentistry at-home tips
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If you have visited the dentist for a cleaning, you have probably heard them ask, “How often do you brush and floss at home?” This common question holds more importance than you may think. Our Springfield dentists want to make sure that you establish a good at-home routine for dental hygiene. While preventative dentists love to work their magic and provide you with all the care they can while in the office, it’s important to make your own magic by maintaining your oral health at home. Our at-home tips can help you keep up with your general dentistry needs.

Brush up on Brushing

Brushing your teeth is one of the most important forms of general dentistry you can perform on yourself every day. This preventative measure can keep you from building up too much tartar and plaque, help prevent gum disease, and can keep your breath smelling good as well.

There are several types of toothbrushes you can use to achieve a good daily brushing. Manual brushes are great at getting the job done, but powerful electric toothbrushes are recommended by the American Dental Association and prove more effective with their oscillating powers.

Floss is Boss

Flossing should go hand-in-hand with brushing, as it provides the ability to get between the teeth and scrape any extra germs or food particles away from the gums. This can help prevent gum disease and will make it easier for you to brush away the unnecessary dirt.

It is important to floss at least one a day, accompanied by brushing. Make sure to rub back and forth to get the floss into your teeth; by popping it in, it damages the gums and does not remove excess dirt.

A Good Rinse

Make sure to give your mouth a good rinse with water after all brushing and flossing activities are done. You can even rinse out your mouth during the times where you want to wash your teeth but don’t have a brush. This can come in handy after you’ve just eaten a meal with a friend and you don’t have a brush with you. You can even use an over-the-counter rinsing chemical to help get rid of germs and keep your breath smelling fresh.

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