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Possibly the most well-known form of cosmetic dentistry, braces have been around for decades and offer ways to improve bites and straighten teeth. While braces are typically applied to children and pre-teens, there are plenty of adults in need of this service as well. Our dentists in Springfield have compiled a list of the best braces facts to help you understand more about this orthodontics.

Braces are never fun to talk about. Kids are certainly hesitant when it comes to pursuing this teeth-straightening device. But knowing the facts can help both you and your child feel more comfortable in deciding whether or not this is the right cosmetic dentistry choice.

Most Patients Choose Braces

Although braces seem like a tough commitment with a lot of required dental work, braces are the top treatment choice for parents and children alike. Traditional braces consist of metal brackets which are glued to teeth and connected by thin arch wires. These wires are responsible for moving the teeth into their ideal location. They have proven effective over time, and can easily be achieved after an orthodontic consultation.

There are Several Different Types of Braces

There are many different types of braces available to you. You can speak with your orthodontist to see which type will work best for your teeth. The five most common types of braces include:

  • Metal brackets that are bonded to the back of the teeth and attached by wires.
  • Ceramic brackets instead of metal brackets.
  • Metal bands that wrap around the teeth; no brackets required.
  • Invisalign, or clear aligners.

The benefits of these types depend on what you need to achieve with your mouth. Kids enjoy the front brackets, as they can be decorated with colorful rubber bands and changed frequently.

Braces May Be Uncomfortable

While there is no real pain associated with braces, you can expect a little bit of discomfort to come with the procedure. Every few weeks, you will need to have them tightened, which can be uncomfortable for the teeth and jaws. The metal parts may cause irritation at first. Overall, it does not take long for the body to become used to the braces, and the discomfort will soon subside.

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